D10 ETF Vision

Education providers working collaboratively towards ‘equality of outcome in education’ for residents in Dublin 10.


  • To provide a forum for effective communication, co-operation and collaboration for local education providers in Dublin 10.
  • To provide an effective lobbying vehicle for key education issues in Dublin 10.


  • To encourage & enable area wide approaches to common educational issues.
  • To support the development of creative and innovative local responses to the educational needs of the residents of Dublin 10.
  • To further enable & support the linkage between the formal and the informal education sector in Dublin 10.
  • To acknowledge the wide range of good practise in existence locally & elsewhere and to facilitate the sharing of learning regarding same.
  • To disseminate information regarding local Education responses and innovative collaborative projects.
  • To advocate the ethos of ‘equality of outcome’ in the work of the Task Force and in the wider Community.